Accidents can occur anywhere. As North Miami trip and fall attorneys we are aware of these dangers.  A trip and fall accident can occur when there is a change of a surface level in a certain location and there are no markings to denote it.  If there is a change in the level there should be reflective tape or another mechanism that will make it easy for the eye to detect. Failure to take preventive measures may amount to negligence or lack of care on the part of the premises’ owners.

Slip and falls usually occur on a slippery surface. The surface can be slippery due to a liquid on the floor or perhaps recent polishing. If an area is slippery it should be clearly marked so that patrons know to avoid the area. Failure to warn or to contain the area can be tantamount to negligence or lack of care. Certain steps should be taken after a trip/slip and fall:

  1. It is important to stay in the area where the fall occurred and wait until trained medical professionals can attend to your injuries.
  2. It is important to make a record of the trip or fall on the scene of the accident. This can be accomplished by having an employee of the premises to make a report. If EMS comes out, then they will produce a report of the incident as well. Generally, it is not wise to leave
    the scene of an accident without the production of a report by an employee of premises or EMS.
  3. If possible, have someone a friend or relative take pictures of the scene. This may help document the circumstances of the fall.

These all may seem like common sense. However, in a state of emergency, these things are often forgotten. As Miami-Dade slip and fall attorneys we are well aware of this. Taking measured steps in such situations is uncommon. Nonetheless, keep in mind that a nearby friend of relatives can assist as well.

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