Trucks, just like any other vehicle can fall into the unruly circumstance of a vehicle crash. Taking into consideration their larger mass size and how they may often carry heavy cargo, such a crash can have damaging impacts on passengers and other drivers on the road. On many occasions, truck drivers find themselves and their companies under the spotlight as those involved in the crash sue for damages.

Many drivers or passengers do not know what to do in case of a truck accident. The first step is to understand that insurance companies will always defend their own. In case you find yourself in such a situation and decide to file a claim, the insurance company will aim to exonerate their driver, and you may end up losing a lot of money, especially in case of injuries to your person as a result of the truck accident.

What to Expect From Insurance Companies in a Truck Crash

After a trucking accident, the first step is to assess the damage and what you should expect from truck insurance companies. These companies, like many enterprises, are more concerned with profits. The insurance companies aim to preserve more money other than issue the money out as compensation to injury claims from trucking accidents.

How do Insurance Companies Accomplish This?

They will conduct thorough investigations by searching for any shred of evidence available that will take away blame from the truck driver or the company if it is a rental. The probe comprises of:

  • police report analysis
  • witness interviews
  • accident video reviews
  • specialist reconstruction
 Regardless of the reports issued, these insurance companies revert any information in these documents and spin them to their favor. 

Every insurance company wants to preserve its reputation and, thus, fear long court case processes. The possibility of winning or losing a trial that draws out for a long time is not appealing and can negatively impact their businesses. Therefore, they seek to reconcile with you by offering a small settlement instead of a court-ordered lump sum.

Contacting our firm to speak with an accident attorney immediately after the accident occurs can help save you a lot of headaches and money in terms of damages. Our attorneys conduct investigations independently from the insurance companies to collect our facts and determine whether the truck driver or company the truck belongs to is responsible.

Negligence on Your Part

The term refers to the driver’s actions while driving on the road or those of other motorists who may have contributed to the crash. Insurance companies may argue that outside parties’ actions are the main reason behind the accident, which shifts the blame. However, their main focus remains avoiding paying considerable amounts to you as the claimant.

According to the Comparative Negligence law, the law has a provision that allows the court to charge liability of an accident to more than one party.  If it is found that you played a hand in the accident, the court reduces the amount an insurance company gives you.  The rationale is that the percentage of your responsibility in the crash is equivalent to the amount the court reduces from your compensation amount.

For instance, if the court finds that your responsibility for the crash is 40%, any amount the insurance company was to compensate you with reduces 40%. So out of 100% compensation, you would only get allotted 60% of the total amount.

Compensation for Damages

You must get the right professionals to argue your case. DRG lawyers have to build a bulletproof case if you are to receive any compensation for damages resulting from the accident. The attorneys:

  • Obtain statements from the first respondents, compile multiple eye witness accounts, and analyze any photographs taken.
  • Obtain and review relevant documents after filing a lawsuit such as receipts, driver’s logs, and crash reports from the police.
  • Obtain and review your doctor’s reports and other hospital statements related to the accident.
  • Assess and come up with suitable compensation before and during the trial as activities resulting in the crash unveil.

With such a case, you stand a chance to get a strong compensation for dented goods, death, negligence, medical bills, medication, and therapy, loss of wages during treatment and impairment, or reduced ability to earn due to the accident more.

Legal Assistance and Advice

In an accident, the longer you delay contacting an attorney, the more crucial evidence disappears, and the less the compensation. We understand the complexities involved in federal and state laws and regulations as soon as possible.

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