In previous blogs we addressed what steps to take after an accident. These steps include calling your insurance company to report the accident, documenting the accident with pictures, calling the police, etc. However, in this blog, we want to write about dealing with a tense situation at the scene of an automobile or motorcycle accident in South Florida.

As miami accident attorneys we have encountered clients calling from tense crash scenes many times.  You may encounter a party who is hostile even though they are at fault. The best way to avoid such a situation is to remain in your vehicle until the police get to the scene. The last thing you want is for the situation to escalate. Vehicular accidents are hard enough to deal with without having to worry about unnecessary added problems.

Once the police get to the scene make sure to be cordial and respectful and to make your points clear. You should take into account that police in South Florida tend to be in a tense mode when they arrive at any scene. The reason being, that they never know what to expect when they arrive at the scene.  The first thing the police are concerned and will ask about will be whether everyone is fine and whether anybody needs medical attention. If you feel or a family feels pain or discomfort it is best to accept assistance.

Another situation you may encounter after the accident is the opposing party or person calling you directly. This happens quite often.  The best way to handle this is by ignoring their calls altogether and directing them to your attorney. Do not speak of the accident with them under any circumstance. In fact, it is best to only talk to your attorney as it pertains to an accident. In fact, it is best to have your attorney deal with all parts of the claim. This would include a collision claim against your insurance company or property damage claim against other person’s insurance company.

Overall, the best way to deal with the immediate aftermath of an accident in South Florida is to stay cool and hire an attorney immediately. This will help you through the process and help you avoid making mistakes.

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