One of the most common mistakes I see as a Miami Accident attorney is clients forgetting to take pictures. There are various types of pictures that should be taken after an accident. In short, there should be pictures of damages to vehicles, the accident scene, and any injuries to the body.

It would seem like common sense to take pictures after an accident, but many people just forget. This is probably due to the shock and stress of the accident itself. In the past, many people did not take pictures at the scene of an accident because they simply did not remember to have a camera in the car. However, these days most cell phones have a camera function. If you happen to have a cell that does not have this function then it would be wise to have a disposable camera in your vehicle.

There circumstances in which victims of an accident are wise to take pictures, but do so in a manner that has little effect when it comes to their claim for damages.  Some people take one or two pictures and think this is sufficient. Pictures that seem good when you’re taking them may end up being useless. That is why it is imperative to take multiple pictures of the same damage. One has to take into accounts that the picture may be light or dark, or too far away. For example, let’s assume that an accident victim wants to take pictures of the damage to the rear of his/her vehicle. This victim should take pictures from multiple angles to show the damage.

Many people take pictures of their vehicle damage after the car is removed from the scene. However, it wise to take pictures at the scene of the accident. Some accidents produce very little damage to one car while the other vehicle appears disproportionately affected. Insurance companies use this as an excuse to pay little or nothing for damages to the affected vehicle. Good pictures of the scene of the accident may help avert this problem. In order to capture the essence of the scene of the accident, it is important to take pictures from multiple angles. If your phone can take a video it would be a good idea to try to capture the scene with this format as well. Video can help create a more fluid sense of the accident and its causes. However, it is not a replacement for photos.

Lastly, it is very important to take pictures of any bodily injuries suffered due to the accident. Again, here pictures should be taken from multiple angles.  It should be noted
that it is very important to take pictures of bodily injury right after the accident. Many injuries or marks tend to fade after a while and other changes over time. Thus, a picture close in time to the occurrence of the accident helps preserve the magnitude of the injury.

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