As an accident attorney in Miami I always urge my clients to buy Uninsured Motorist (“UM”) and Collision coverage.  Being a car accident attorney in South Florida makes one acutely aware of the dangers of not purchasing this sort of insurance coverage. The most common argument against purchasing UM and collision is cost. Of course, in this economy, the tendency is to save anywhere possible. Not to mention the infinite amount of advertisements promising tremendous savings by buying this or that type of car insurance.  My recommendation on this is not to take advice from talking animals on TV when it comes to your car insurance.

If you want to get reasonable rates to look around or consult with an insurance agent, but do not leave out collision or UM. Collision insurance is extremely important. I have seen clients unable to go to work because they did not purchase collision insurance. The scenario usually turns on a client who is not at fault, has no collision coverage, and is trying to get compensated by the other person’s insurance company. Many insurance companies like to take their time “investigating “ an accident. This means that you could be without a car for weeks until the other person’s insurance company decides to get your car fixed or pay for a rental. In some cases, the other person’s insurance company may find that they have no duty to cover damage to your vehicle for one reason or another. So without collision insurance, you may find that you will have to pay out of pocket costs to fix your car, even though you are not at fault.

It is no surprise with this economy that a lot of people are driving without insurance in South Florida. If they do buy insurance, then they try to save money by buying an insurance policy that does not cover bodily injury to third parties. The state of Florida only requires that drives purchase property damage protection (which covers damage to third party vehicles-meaning other vehicles, but their own) and personal injury protection. The state should require that everybody purchase bodily injury protection, but is simply not the case at this time.

The state also makes the roads more dangerous by not allowing undocumented immigrants to get a valid driver’s license. If undocumented immigrants cannot get a license in Florida, then the natural result is that the roads in South Florida are full of drivers without insurance. For that reason alone we urge the Florida legislature to change this stance.

It should be obvious given the state of the economy and the number of undocumented immigrants in the Miami area that buying collision and UM insurance is imperative.It will make life much easier should a car accident occur.

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