Save a Life – Avoid a Car Accident Due to Texting and Driving

Like most Floridians, you probably opt for driving to take you where you need to go. So many of us get behind the wheel on a daily basis, and it can be easy for driving to become monotonous. Some clients often don’t recall their drive home! Because of this, many of us turn to our phones to keep us entertained throughout the journey.

Some people opt to control the music from their smartphone, others may send a text or make a phone call, while some may even browse through social media. This act is called distracted driving, and it is the cause of car accidents all over the country. Approximately 25% of all fatal car crashes are the direct result of a distracted driver. Moreover, these deaths are all 100% preventable – so what are you going to do to ensure you don’t become a statistic?

The Correlation Between Distracted Driving and Cell Phone Use

Even if you only pull your phone out at a red light, this can be considered hazardous. If you aren’t paying complete attention to your surroundings, it can result in an injury. In fact, in 2015, 391,000 people were injured in a distracted driving accident, while at least 3,477 deaths occurred concerning the same thing.  At least nine people are fatally injured every day in the US by a car accident involving a distracted driver. 

Many clients are surprised when they hear these numbers, as they often see it as a minor issue plaguing young people. Unfortunately, however, distracted drivers are comparable to drunk drivers when it comes to the psychological pattern of behavior. This means that they are likely to continue the action without concern until an accident or injury occurs. A distracted driver is six times more likely to be the cause of a car accident than a drunk driver. States are beginning to enforce anti-texting-while-driving laws in an effort to combat this. As of 2017, 47 US states and D.C. have adopted distracted driving ordinances.

It is not just handheld devices that are the problem, either. Studies show that even talking on the phone via Bluetooth can be distracting, which can take away from your attention on the road. And it’s not just you – a whopping 77% of adults (and 55% of teens) believe they have the capacity to text and drive simultaneously!

How Teens Contribute to the Problem

As you can imagine, teenagers are some of the most significant contributors to distracted driving. As a result, distracted driving claims the lives of 11 teenagers every day. Furthermore, 94% of all teens understand the dangers, yet 35% still engage in this dangerous activity. If that’s not bad enough, a quarter of them always answers a text every time they get behind the wheel!

With more than half (82 percent) of all teens being the proud owners of a smartphone, it is essential to teach your children the dangers of texting and driving. Many powerful campaigns exist that can teach teens the importance of keeping their phones put away while they are navigating a vehicle.

Other Dangerous Behavior Behind the Wheel

It’s not just phones, either; as many as 80% of drivers admit that they have engaged in some type of risky behavior while driving, such as putting on makeup or changing their clothes. Even taking a bite from your burrito while driving with your left knee can be considered distracted driving – and it can be fatal. After all, eating, drinking, reading, or attending to something similar can increase your chances of a car accident threefold.

The leading cause of distracted driving accidents is not phone use (that’s second). Being “lost in thought” or overly distracted by thoughts of work, home, bills, or even your plans for the night can account for 62% of distracted driving crashes. Talking, laughing, or even looking at other people in the car can also be distracting to the driver, so be sure to be extra attentive the next time you are leading a road trip!

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