With the national response to the coronavirus pandemic as incongruent to say the least, corporations are influencing consumer behavior by mandating mask-wearing. Uber was an early adapter. Given the nature of the ride-sharing app, it was best for the company to mandate mask-wearing back in May. Uber has now extended mask-wearing regulations indefinitely.

“Extending our ‘No Mask, No Ride’ policy is the right thing to do. We want to send a clear message to everyone using Uber that we all have a role to play to keep each other safe,” the company said in a statement, according to Reuters.

Does Uber Require Riders to Wear Masks?

The regulations are simple. Drivers are required to wear a mask, and to take a selfie in the mask before picking up riders. Riders are required to wear masks, but not required to take a selfie.

Further to the new regulations, all rides are now limited to a maximum of three passengers who must all fit in the back seat with safety belts, i.e. riding in the front seat next to your Uber driver is banned for now.

Both Riders and drivers can report to the app if the other party is not wearing a mask, and drivers can cancel rides penalty-free if they arrive to see a rider not wearing a mask, or not willing to put on a mask.

Uber suspended its “pool” rides in mid-March to enforce social distancing.
This is all in the midst of the state of Florida refusing to mandate masks, while some Florida counties are taking it upon themselves to enact regulations.

Uber Provides Contact Tracing Data to Florida Officials

In July, Uber launched a program to give government officials information on both drivers and riders who reported coming in contact with individuals infected with COVID-19. The free service provides health departments with data about who used Uber’s services and when and allows health agencies to urge affected users into quarantine, the company officials said. Uber was already controversial in the privacy realm.

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